Helping Henry

We are helping Henry in a variety of ways:

Implementing a Son-Rise Program

We are currently running the program for about 36 hours per week with Henry in the playroom with 5 volunteers as it is important that Henry gets used to being with different people. We also have arranged monthly consultations which include video feedback sessions with a Son-Rise Teacher in America, Carolina Kaiser, to support our program.

Changing his diet and supplementing his nutrition

There is quite alot written about Autistic children’s intolerance to gluten and casein, and in some cases, soya too, and there is some startling evidence of how toxic autistic children’s bodies are in comparison to neuro-typical children. Toxins are everywhere in our environment and the USANA supplements we are trying for Henry will hopefully go some way to detoxifying him and help his neurological functions work more effectively.


As we aren’t granted any funding from the local education authority at the moment (we will be fighting this decision) we do need to fundraise to ensure that we can meet Henry’s needs sufficiently and provide the best Son-Rise program we can for him.

Any support would be very gratefully received whether it be volunteering, attending events, selling raffle tickets. There are so many ways to support us and we really appreciate all your efforts. Any ideas you may have please let us know.

What is the ultimate aim?

Our aim is for Henry to return to mainstream school when he is ready hopefully without the need of a 1-1 carer and to have achieved neuro-typical levels for his age in the social areas of: eye contact, communication, flexibility and interactive attention span, as well as in the areas of self help, educational, fine and gross motor skills. That’s the plan!

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