Helping You

We thought we’d create this page to be able to share our wealth of knowledge and contacts, books etc that have all helped us along the way

Son-Rise Teachers/Facilitators

Carolina Kaiser

Sean Fitzgerald

Holly Balls


Books –

for a great full list visit:

Autism books/CD’s focusing on Relationships

  • What you can do right now to help your child with Autism by Jonathan Levy
  • Son-Rise The Miracle Continues by Barry Neil Kaufman

Sensory Integration Books

  • Sensory Integration and the Child by A. Jean Ayres Ph.D
  • The Fabric of Autism by Judith Bluestone

Activity Books

  • Play to Grow by Tali Field Berman and Abby Rappaport

Nutrition Books specific to Autism and related disorders

  • Mange Tout by Lucy Thomas (for picky eaters)

Autism Magazines


The Son-Rise Program
We wouldn’t be where we are without the Son-Rise Program.

The HANDLE® Institute
A Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency. HANDLE is a therapy which uses simple activities to help a child’s body work more efficiently and effectively.

Hope for Ben

Joining Jacks Team