I haven’t managed to keep this page up to date, but there are a few entries to give you an idea of what we have been working on.


Goals March 2010

Help Henry to be more open to new foods especially vegetables

Helping Henry to speak in more full sentences particularly the first part of sentences.
Praise and celebrate Henry’s wonderful language
When Henry is highly motivated model the full sentence you would like him to say
When he uses full sentences make sure that your response is quicker and more excited – show him there is a difference

Help Henry be more flexible in giving and taking control.
Offer Henry exaggerated control in areas where he is particularly controlling eg the tap, the door
Model change and problem solving in role play games when things don’t happen as they should -eg the swings being taken at the park, the friend not wanting to play the same game
Remember to be user friendly
Use games like Simple Simon Says, or the Okey Cokey to encourage Henry to follow and take instruction
Offer Henry choices in your games so that there

Encourage Henry to play a wider variety of games
Try using motivation, anticipation, excitement, secrets etc to introduce your game
Only introduce your game if Henry is connected and you have rapport with him.
Try different styles of games with Henry eg:
Gross Motor – Sports, Chase, Hide/Seek
Fine Motor – crafts, drawing, play dough, sewing, cooking, building
Social Role Play/Imagination games – eg at the park, doctors, chefs, space
Listening games – eg books, comic strips, puppets, pretend tv
structured games – board game, card games, dominoes,
Language games – where the focus is on language (these will tend to be repetitive games as it has to be!)
Cognitive games – Games which make Henry think in an academic sense eg matching, counting, letter recognition etc
nce in our response to his nice voice and his shouting.

When he is being very shouty give him exaggerated control. This means giving him what he wants and more. EG if he wants you to sit down, sit down and turn away slightly to take away the eye contact as well.

Praise his listening and patience

In addition – Encourage Henry to take turns where appropriate

When you are playing games with Henry and there is an opportunity to take turns see how Henry copes with this and if he will let you.

Never compromise the interaction and connection but always give Henry the opportunity to allow you to have a go. Remember No means No for 5 minutes then you can ask again! (Of course always check on his connection and motivation!)

Aswell as simple board games/matching pairs/lotto games rememeber to ask Henry to take turns in activity games like hide and seek, role play etc.

Don’t forget to really praise Henry for letting you have a turn and remember to tell him how much fun you have when you take turns.

October 09 update

Henry personality continues to grow and shine and his social behaviour is now at such a level that we are now able to take him to places that he previously loathed and found so distressing.  Examples of these include the cinema, restaurants, indoor play areas that he has not previously been to, a public bus, supermarkets, Sutton town centre, the school run and 2 weeks abroad including a 12 hour car and boat journey (something we would never have entertained 12 months ago!).

He is so much calmer these days and absolutely loves other children. He now actively seeks out other children in play areas and although communication is still hard for him he is able to communicate and talk to them enough to play with them as an equal. Henry has a wonderful concept now of a ‘friend’ and actually will tell you ‘ Look Daddy, a Friend!’.  Henry plays with the other children after school and other parents have been amazed by how happy and communicative and playful he is now compared to the hysterical, screaming child they used to see.

Henry really seems to understand everything so much better now. He remembers things that have happened and talks about them in great detail. He is also able to associate and can remember where he has left something and is developing a concept of then and now and what comes next. He is also able to think a little out of the box. For example in hide and seek games we can give simple clues to find objects and he is able to think them through and find the right answer

Academic Progress

Running the Son-Rise Program the primary goals at the moment will always be our SOCIAL GOALS, however this is not to say that we are do not also see the importance of his academic development and we are also working on this in the games and activities that we take into the playroom.

Here is a summary of the progress we feel Henry has made academically in the last 6 months:

Special changes July 09


Review of Henry’s Current Goals October 2008

When Henry does look in our eyes he tends to give us a ‘quality’ look which we feel is generally 3 seconds however he doesn’t always choose to look at us when he is speaking and asking for something so this is the area that we would like to work on now.

Henry is definitely starting to put more of his words together and made massive progress in the command of his speech (he not only asks for what he wants but wants to share information and ask questions) however he is not putting small sentences together consistently and spontaneously so we really want to keep this goal and continue encouraging him to use more of his vocabulary without being prompted.

Henry has made fantastic progress with symbolic play and he now knows how to pour tea into the tea cup and pretends to serve and eat cake, he puts figures up a miniature slide using the steps and uses his dinosaurs to chase each other and fight! So now we really want to expand this goal into role play and encouraging him to pretend to be something like a cat or a plane aswell!

Henry will now verbally participate in games with us and does so more and more without the need for prompting and he can transfer words he has learnt in one game into another and answer questions that you ask him and he will direct play, eg he will tell you to “run” with the dinosaur, or tell you to “get up” or “sit down” or to “try again”, which we are so pleased with. However like the language goal he still does not do this consistently so we would like to keep concentrating on this goal until Henry is willing to sponatenously participate verbally in our activities.

Aswell as Henry’s Son-Rise goals we shall also be setting specific educational targets to stretch Henry’s development during the session, however SOCIAL INTERACTION is still the primary focus and most important aspect of his growth.

Since we started the Son-Rise programme full-time in September 08 Henry has made progress in the following educational areas:

We feel Henry has reached a good level and no work is needed at the moment

Encourage Henry to take turns in and take part in games with simple structure or rules.

Help Henry to use his nice voice more often.

Help Henry to express his needs more fully using fuller sentences and greater clarity.

Henry’s eye contact is very good and is not a m

Additional Goal
Give Henry the opportunity to accept negotiation and reason around playing his, and our, games and take turns with each of our games.