Getting Professional Support

When you feel ready there many professionals who can help you to formalise and take your programme further.

Always remember that you are the one who knows your child the best and that the experts are there to support you. They make a massive difference to your programme and you will learn as much about yourself as your child.

NB: ‘Outreaches’ are where a professional comes to your house and works with you and your child and your team. ‘Consults’ are telephone or Skype calls between you and the professional. ‘Dialogues’ are discussions that help you to identify certain beliefs that may be behind how you are feeling and acting and learning other beliefs that may be more useful and create different responses.

The people that helped us hugely and that we HIGHLY recommend are:

Autism Treatment Centre of America
Sheffield, MA, USA
The Autism Treatment Centre gave us the amazing opportunity through Raun Kaufman’s lecture and the fantastic Son Rise Start Up programme (which we thoroughly recommend you attend if you can. It is literally life changing) and other programmes. They also provided us with the support of fantastic Son Rise teachers and Facilitators who make a massive difference in your programme.

Sarah Gibson of Autism at Home
Shrewsbury, UK
Sarah is able to support families from the very beginning to assist with the set up and development and take the programme forward offering a fantastic wealth of knowledge and background. Sarah is great and was seriously crucial to our programme, giving us monthly help to work through our current challenges and review our goals and direction, and is hugely dedicated and passionate about her work and her families and we see her now working with other families and achieving fantastic results again. She’s a star!

Carolina Kaiser LaGrant
Sheffield, MA, USA
Available for telephone/Skype consults and possibly outreaches in the UK
Carolina is a certified Son Rise Teacher and was a huge help and mentor to us both. We had monthly telephone Consultations with her and were lucky enough to meet her in person when she came to the UK for an outreach. Carolina was always able to sift through my scrambled mind and help me feel differently and prioritise what was most important at the time. She really helps to Drive your programme forward and her observations are always spot on and she totally loves our kids!  She is a gift to anyone’s programme and utterly lovely to boot!

Sean Fitzgerald – Son Rise Teacher
Based in Australia
Available for telephone/Skype consults and visits the UK twice a year to offer outreaches at families homes.
Sean is fantastic! He is absolutely awesome to watch in the playroom and always reminded us that ‘we’ are the best prop we can have and how engaging we can be to Henry. He is fantastic at dialogues and helping you understand how beliefs you are holding maybe limiting yourself and your child and helps you to find a different belief that is more helpful. Sean really helps you, as leader of your programme, develop and grow and do the best for our child.

Beth Burton – Autism Therapist
Devon, UK
Beth was lovely and was the first facilitator to visit us back in November 1998 and was pregnant with her first child but didn’t know it at the time! Beth now has two little boys and is highly recommended.

Sean Williams – Handle Practitioner
Brighton, UK. (Also has clinics and courses in Manchester, UK)
We have been seeing Sean for about 3 years now and running a HANDLE programme which we really love.  We have seen changes in Henry in how much he can sit still, his writing ability, speech and eating habits. Henry’s sensory needs improved quite dramatically over our son rise programme but we still feel there are challenges that needed more help. Sean has been great and is really thorough in his work and provides all the assistance and guidance we need, reviewing and reassessing Henry’s programme and also helping us by realistic about how much we can do too.

They are all really lovely so you can contact them all and then see how you want to take it forward.