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Today Henry swam with sea lions! He pushed to do it. He went in without me or Warwick, just with his sisters. He stood in cold sea water up to his neck with great big sea lions and Spanish instructors in front of an audience! Over dinner me and Warwick talked about it. We don’t think 12 months ago he could have done this or even 3 months ago after his very difficult term at school. In fact we had to remind ourselves that it was only 12 months ago that we felt he (and we!) were ready to fly and we did so with everything crossed. So on our second time in Spain we are amazed he wanted to do something like this, that he actually did it, that he did it so independently and faced so many things he finds difficult in one go, that i didn’t feel scared for him like i used too and that so far we haven’t had a meltdown after it! Hope this photo makes you smile too and that you are all ok! X

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