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Son Rise Session – me and Henry went into the playroom for two hours today as his sisters are staying with their Nanna and Grandad.

The session went well. We played with his ‘build a roary the racing car game’ and Henry said lots of things like ‘wheel on mommy’ and ‘roary fell over’ and answered some of my questions when I asked what certain objects are, like roary’s hat and his engine! He also made some good eye contact. He enjoyed doing some painting, we’re working on drawing faces and he is getting the idea and knows the order you draw it which is great although he still wants you to help him. We played with the tea set and he made some sandwiches! And we played catching games and animal games so we had a busy time.

The big news today is that I finally summoned the energy to start Henry on the Gluten and Casein free diet and have cleared the house of crisps, sweets and chocolate (the girls will be devastated when they get back!). Henry, like lots of our special children, has a really restricted diet and it is getting worse by the day so we know that we have to try and help him get over this and although it makes for an easy life feeding him copious amounts of processed rubbish will be going against what we are trying to acheive in the son-rise programme, who also advocate this diet. We are also starting him on USANA nutritional supplements which are advocated by Dr Ray Strand ( who is an expert in nutritional medicine. They think that autistic children have a real problem detoxifying themselves which can have a serious effect on the neurological functions so these supplements should help detoxify his body and keep him in better nutritional health. We just have to get them down him – don’t ask!!!

By not giving him what he normally has, despite his confusion at the empty ‘goody cupboard’, he has had gluten free toast and dairy free spread whcih is amazing!  The last time he ate the normal equivalent was when he was 18months old and since then he has only ever eaten dry bread. We’re really hoping it was a not a fluke!! Will keep you posted….


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