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Henry isn’t in fantastic form at the moment. I think he is missing his sisters and is confused and starving..literally! He has had gluten free toast and dairy free spread again but has so far resisted the gluten free cereal and rice pasta (which actually look and taste okay!) I really feel for him that he is so confused but know we are doing the best thing for him. We are also managing to get the minerals down him although he can spot a sprinkling of vitamin a mile off!

The Son-Rise sessions have been hard because he is so hungry I think but we have had some fun and he has named some animals that he hasn’t had said before without prompting like ‘panda’ and ‘rabbit’ and has drawn the eyes, nose and smile on a face which is amazing (only the second time he has done this).  His eye contact is also really strong, think we are some way on to acheiving our first goal.

Hope you are all okay from Penny and Hungry Henry! x

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