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Had a great session with Henry today. Firstly he wanted to go into the playroom with me and we had really good fun. We played with the big crocodile puppet and I got Henry to say ‘feet’ making the crocodile attack his feet, then built on this with ‘get feet’ and then ‘get feet daddy’.

Then he asked for the finger puppets from the shelf and i held each one up and he named 19 of the animals correctly only getting stuck on 5! Did this 3 times and on the 3rd time he remembered ‘Parrot’ – which was great!

Also played with the tea set and ‘Sid’ book and catch.

Lastly we played horsey rides! (my back is still aching!) I was laying on the floor and Henry got on my back and said ‘Horsey’ then i put my hands out and he said ‘Go on Horsey’ which promps me to get up on my knees – i then sang ‘Horsey horsey don’t you stop’ and paused on the word ‘stop’ – i then encouraged Henry to say ‘Go’ and i would do a big fast funny gallop which made Henry laugh! Then finally Henry would say ‘Horsey down’ and we would collapse on the floor laughing.

I got some amazing eye contact in the mirror as he was looking at me constantly during the game. Also when we was on the floor he looked into my eyes for 13 seconds!!! The longest he’s ever looked in my eyes and very touching!

Henry had more toast this morning and raisins, and we tried a crumpet which he buttered but wouldn’t eat! We’ve managed to get the vitamins into his fresh orange juice and he’s also been using the toilet so all in all a good day!

Warwick & Henry x

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