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Today’s session starred Mr Frog from the pop-up toy!

We started playing with the toy pretending it was asleep when he put him inside and that Henry had woken him up when he ‘popped’ him out! Then it turned into a catch game with froggy, then a throw and chase game intercepted with being certain farm animals (there are pictures on the wall of farm animals and if Henry threw the frog near one of these I became that animal, and I haven’t even had a glass of wine, although my goat was pretty lame!!). Henry then accidentally threw the frog on to the shelf I did ‘Humpty Dumpty’ which Henry liked very much and resulted in him continually throwing it on the shelf but he said lots of words to get me to pick him up so he could push froggy off the shelf!!

From this we also played caring for the froggy and kissing him better (which Henry did which was lovely), using the doctors set to ‘check’ him and the teaset to give him a drink and some cake. Henry then spent a lot of time repeatedly dropping the frog down the slide which I joined by doing the same as him and when I got a ‘green light’, in this instant Henry looked at me, we starting racing each other’s toys and then sat the toys next to each, or infront of each other or dropped them down the slide.

Henry starting to choose how they went down the slide and motioned to me by pointing but did say in the end ‘in front’, ‘next to’ and ‘drop’. I still struggle with the time we spend in the playroom, I can’t seem to reach 2 horus yet. An hour and a half goes by really fast and the next half an hour I think I have a mental block. I’m hoping the time issue will get better as I get more confident in what I am doing!

Well done though Henry you were a star and I got lots of lovely smiles and giggles. xx

Penny x

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