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We ended the week well last week, but had a shaky start yesterday mainly down to me!  I struggled to get back into it and concentrate just on Henry, but having said that we still did alot.  Henry has found a game that he really likes playing which I think is more of an ‘ism’ (repetitive and solitary) and involves dropping objects through a piece if clothing and I find it really hard to build on this and progress his learning when I do get green lights from him.

Today we have progressed on this and I think I was a little more creative in my approach although goodness knows what I will do tomorrow!  Despite the ‘falling objects’ obssession today was really productive.  We had a bit of a ‘shapes’ theme going on and Henry was really into his shape sorter and we played with shapes in lots of different ways. Henry already knows his basic colours and we were able to expand on this with the shapes. He repeated all of the shape names as I gave them to him and when i gave him a choice of 2 he would say which one he wanted and reach for the one he said which was good (as I wasn’t sure he as just repeating what I said so I double checked!).  He was also really good with his counting today, he didn’t need prompting from me and started from 1 so there’s some good stuff to keep working on.

He had a good hour and a half with Warwick and when he played the sleeping game (where he tells you to go to sleep and then says ‘wake up’ so you junp up!) he really shouted ‘wake up daddy’, he really whispers it with me so Warwick must be doing something better than me on that!! Warwick also did shapes with Henry and encouraged him to identify them.  He had such a nice time with Warwick he said ‘no’ when Warwick said the session was over and wanted to play some more!  He is absolutely worn out though, he got up at 10.15 this morning, a record!! Why can’t that happen on a Saturday… xxx

Penny x

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