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The worst day so far. It started out well. I had taken the hoopla game in although Henry didn’t want to play it traditionally! I joined him when he was dropping the hoops behind the radiator and then he began sharing the hoops with me and realising when one was stuck because we couldn’t have 2 each – which was great (he also said thank you when I gave him a hoop!). We then played with them as hats (see photo!) and Henry counted to 10 nearly perfectly on his own before we fell over and our hats fell off!

It was when we got the skittles down which Henry wanted that he became very rigid and controlling and got extremely distressed and angry after I tried to introduce a bigger ball to knock the skittles down. It was upsetting for all of us and I think we all feel exhausted. Warwick was great and came and took over for me a few times when he could hear that it wasn’t going very well. I know I didn’t handle it quite as I should have today but hopefully I learnt a few things to help us both in the future.

Henry has been really hungry again today, we have been trying to overcome Henry’s choice to only eat toast or apples or the crisps he is allowed and today it seemed to reach crisis point. Yesterday I gave in and gave him some toast and today we stuck to our guns and he ate a banana! We are really hoping that he will allow some variety into his diet.

We know that every day can’t be a ‘good’ day, its just so hard and upsetting to see him so upset and not be able to express and communciate his feelings. It must be so frustrating for him. Hoping for better tomorrow x

Penny x

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