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It has been a long, hard week but we have still had some really good moments with Henry, its just that the difficult ones seem to have prevalent!

Henry’s behaviour has been very rigid and controlling this week and he seems to be isming a lot more and has got him self into an agressive state every day so far. We really think that this has a lot, if not all, to do with the fact that he is so hungry. We seem to be feeling around in the dark at the moment with the diet, we’ve got so far but Henry is so inconsistent with his food likes and wants its near impossible to make sure he is having enough to eat. What he ate one day he won’t the next and it is really affecting his personality which is so upsetting to watch. We know we have to persevere, just wish it was easier!

With Henry’s behaviour being so up and down, the week with the volunteers has been too. He has still had some good and positive times with them but he hasn’t been as welcoming as he had been in the couple of weeks before but everyone has done really well. Our sessions have been the same too, the lows are very low but the highs were amazing. He initiated a ‘kissing’ game where he gives me a lovely kiss and he gets a big excited cheer and craziness from me as I’m so happy, and that’s really cute because he seems to know what a lovely thing he is doing! He has also done some brilliant counting starting from 0 on his own and perfectly reaching 10 and doing it very fluently and without any prompting after I have said ‘lets count’. On his magna doodle board, he also told me the order to draw a face all on his own which was so nice! His imaginative play has also been good this week and he has said ‘arms out’ really clearly (which isn’t actually easy, try it!!) when we were doing a balancing game and he said it himself when I paused enough to let him (still a big learning point for me – BE QUIET MORE!! No wonder he hasn’t been talking!!). He has also started to want your acknowledgement or recognition so he says ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ or his sisters names to show you something he has or to to show you something he has done which is so amazing for us all and something he has never really done before.

As I am writing this I realise that he has interacted and done some wonderful things unfortunately it has been clouded by the outbursts, but he has still done so well. He is a little star, even if he breaks my heart on a regular basis!

This week we also met a lady, Sue, who lives very near us and has been running a Son-Rise programme for 3 years for her son. Me and Warwick really enjoyed meeting Sue and she was so helpful and nice! We are already bothering her about lots of things, so thank you Sue!

Penny x

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