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Today we have our second visit from Sarah Dargue which we are looking forward to. Henry is still making good progress although he has had a few sessions where he has been very lethargic. We think that he has been under the weather again although he seems brighter this week.

Henry has enjoyed the easter themes and loves finding different things hidden in eggs, which we have used to initiate many games and to do jigsaw puzzles.

His attention span has been really good when he has been in good spirits although we have noticed that sometimes his language suffers as he increases his flexbility and attention span in the playroom. When he is relaxed outside the room his language is still amazing though – he asked Maddy yesterday, ‘what are you doing in my playroom?’! A 7- word spontaneous sentence and cyrstal clear – amazing!!

His cutting and colouring skills seem much more controlled and he seems to be following instructions with ease and will often do what you ask of him, although obviously not all the time. We are definitely seeing improvements in his patience and his ability to wait, inside and outside of the playroom which is a major step forward.

On Friday we had a meeting with the LEA. They were all very positive about Henry and there was no questions that we were able to continue home educating him under the Son-Rise program which is fantastic. It was actually nice to talk about Henry and how different he is!

IN terms of funding, this was more problematic, however they are going to look at it for us and will let us know after easter. I don’t think it will mean the end of fund-raising but hopefully we will have some help from the LEA, we shall see…

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