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Still the Saturday 8th May 2010 – I don’t know its like a bus, you wait for a age for one and then 2 come along together!!

Forgot to say about Henry’s food – in the last 2 weeks he has tried banana, kiwi, blueberry, cucumber, grapes, banana milkshake and freshly squeezed orange juice and liked 3 of them! This is amazing for a little boy who wouldn’t try anything different especially in the way of fruit and vegetables, he wouldn’t even have them in the room or on his plate and is now licking them and trying them!

We have been working hard in the playroom focusing on making fruit and vegetables fun and taking away the pressure that can, and did with us, exist around food and eating.

We have been using a great book called ‘Mange Tout’ by Lucy Thomas.  It gives you lots of ideas to use fruit and vegetables in a fun way and is ideal to the playroom.  We are still grateful to another Son-rise mom for recommending this on facebook!

We are still waiting for the vegetable break through but thanks to Carolina and all who help us with son-rise we now BELIEVE that he will do it, and as we have seen with other things, like toilet training, once we change our attitude Henry acheives these amazing things.  In some way we are limiting him by our belief’s – this is an amazing lesson from son-rise and one i need to apply to other areas of my life too i think!

Henry is doing fantastic.  We still have lots of challenging times and he still gets angry with us quite a lot and is still quite controlling especially around the house. But i actually feel bad saying that because we’ve come so far that we never thought this could be possible at the beginning and if things didn’t change from here we would be more than happy.  So its not we don’t still have difficulties and bad days but it is bad days now, not bad weeks or bad months, or bad years for that matter, so don’t want to sound ungrateful.  Its easy to forget how far we have come and what life used to be like.    If that makes sense.

Hope you enjoy reading about Henry and hope this doesn’t bore you too much!! x

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