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Is having real difficulties getting to sleep and then staying asleep.


We’re trying lots of different things to help but so far he still thinks ‘he can’t do it’ and especially ‘can’t do it his own’ and that he ‘can’t think of good things’. It’s probably no wonder he can’t switch off with everything going on for him. He is working really hard at school especially on his reading and making great progress and is much more willing to write at school since we started handle.


He is also trying lots of (and liking a quite a few) foods thanks to his ‘skylanders’ reward chart (he’ll do anything for a skylander!) So we are now able to add carrots (biggest yay! After how many years!!), ham, bacon and banana chips to his list of foods. This is like a miracle in itself, Henry even trying new foods let alone liking them!


He is still getting ‘angry’ but isn’t running off quite as often or trashing the lounge or his room as much and tonight for the first time actually came back to tell me why he has been angry when normally he can’t manage it, so that’s fantastic. Since we started handle we’ve definitely noticed that he isnt throwing himself around constantly on the settee or on the trampoline as much. Henry has never been able to sit still at home so this is a big difference and nicky has said at school that he hasnt had the need for so many physical breaks. His obsessive compulsive tendencies seem to have calmed down abit, and he has stopped asking for the same thing every 5 seconds but he is still very driven by his list of wants – mainly to do with toy figures (incredible hulk is one! He must have an affinity with him, ‘don’t make me angry’, he did actually used to say that!), sky landers, playing the wii and having friends round! The latter of course is amazing and he really is doing so well socially.


We still can’t believe it! Just hope we can help him with his sleep so that he can get the energy back he needs to cope with all he has to do and his mother can get some stuff done!!

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