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23rd January 2013

Had a little wobble this morning and didn’t want to go school this morning for the first time since he transitioned. After lots of talking and listening and then some of a more assertive approach me and Nicky were able to get him out of the house and once with his friends he cheered up. We have noticed a little difference in him lately and Nicky has at school and feel that his ‘sensory bucket’ is pretty full at the moment. Just so amazing that he is able to show us this and that we are able to help him with the support of those around us and at school. There are so many variables but going to do our best to readdress the balance. Thank you for showing us Henry. You’re a star and we are very proud of you today xxxx

24th January 2013

Has seemed to have a more content day and be more at ease with himself. Funny how things work out. Given me the impetus to start all the things I’ve had in my head. Still learning and finding our way. More lessons learnt. Going to follow my instincts more and be more pro active. I don’t think complacent is the right word, but life has just run away with me abit. A reminder to rein it all in and refocus and make sure we are doing all we can to support Henry

6th February 2013

Has, as you know, been on the edge a little lately. Very volatile with lots of hiding under tables and under his bed, like the old days, but today he has had a wonderful day. Deputy head award for “great work”, swimming without his armbands and doing back stroke without them, trying somersaults for the first time at trampolining and wanting to read horrid Henry at bedtime and reading words like ‘scrambled’ on his own! We know that we need to keep helping him and he is constantly being challenged but he still totally surprises and amazes us and reminds us not to assume or judge x

14th February 2013

Is having a difficult week. Hang in there son, one more day and its half term x

1st March 2013

Thank goodness it’s Friday! I’m exhausted, never mind Henry. Been a roller coaster of a week. In school, not in school, meltdowns (& his first big one at school, bless him), in late, on time, leaving early, mom staying, coping, not coping. Huge thanks go to Nicky and Henry’s teachers and school for working with us and making a real effort & putting Henry first. And of course big well done for Henry. He reminds us that whatever we are finding difficult in our lives, if he can do it then we can too.

9th March 2013

Has has a much better week and done full time at school and not had to leave the classroon as often. Still some upsets and anxiety but at parents evening his teacher felt he was seeing more of how Henry was before Christmas this week. So some great positives and with lots of things being,and due to be,put into place there is a lot of support. A big hurdle yet to come, but well done again Henry, and you don’t know how proud we are of you. Xxx



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