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Henry has been to nursery and was amazing beyond amazing!

Thank you so much to everyone that has been there for us and Henry – he was a credit to all today and the hope and belief that everyone has always had in him.

He was shy at first and told me on the way that he would be shy with new people and he asked to take his teddy with him.

When we got there he hung his coat up and we went into the nursery.

It was really busy with lots going on and at first i wasn’t sure he was going to be able to cope with it. We started looking at all the activities and then we watched some children playing an incy wincy spider game and the assistant asked if he’d like to stand by her and watch. He went, but very quietly. But the assistant was lovely and slowly asked Henry to do things like throw the dice or spin the wheel and after a little boy left and there was a spare seat she asked Henry if he’d like to sit down and play. He said yes and played the game really well, answering her questions about what shapes were what and didn’t even get upset when he spun a raincloud so had to wash his spider down the board infact he did it with a smile!

Henry helped to tidy up and washed his hands and stood in the line like he had been asked and went to the music room for snack time. While they waited for the snacks they sang wind the bobbin up, luckily one he knew! And he sang and the did the actions then he tried to do baa baa black sheep but didn’t really know it but did do twinkle twinkle start after this.

Then the teacher asked who had done well at the incy wincy spider game and the assistant said Henry and two other children and they got to hand the cups out. Henry did this really well but said he was shy on the way home but he didn’t look it! During snack time he was making the other 2 boys next to him laugh by peeling the white bits of the orange and putting it on the floor and stamping on it! They thought it was very funny when it got stuck on the bottom of his shoe!!!

After snack time it was story time and Henry went with about 8-10 other children and sat on the mat and really enjoyed the stories. He talked a lot bless him commenting on everything! The irony is now that we’ve been so long teaching how to speak that now we are going to have help him learn when he has to be quiet. I don’t actually want to to do that!! All his comments were really relevant about the story and he was coming up with great answers to answers eg How do dogs get themselves clean? Henry said ‘they swim in the lake’! The other group finished before Henry’s and went out to play and i wondered whether this would distract him but it didn’t at all, he was really enjoying the stories and listened carefully to all the information about rhyming words. The teacher was saying close your eyes and then changing the t start of the word and he did this perfectly recognising a couple of the letters.

After story time he went outside and played with the balls. We had told him about the climbing frame that they had at this nursery but this was having some repair work done so they couldn’t go on it, but he didn’t get upset or bother at all. He played ball with 2 other children in particular and although i couldn’t hear what they were saying there was lots of talking. He also shared with another boy aswell.

Then it was time to come home and he asked me if he could come back again!

Once he came out of himself, he was chatty and sweet and happy and confident and was amazing to see all those skills we’ve been working on for so long coming to him naturally. He did that well, he’s been asked back on Friday on his own!!!!!

It was beautiful to see him today, a dream come true. To say it was emotional was an understatement.

4 years ago in september i took him to school nursery and it was awful – Henry chewed cables, hit everyone, screamed, banged his head, and this went on for months and months. This time you wouldn’t have known that he was any different, his language is still not as clear or concise as the other children but not to a point that he can’t be understood. He actually spoke very clearly today, i could just see that it was still immature compared to other children of a younger age – but he hasn’t been doing it that long. To see him volunteering information in the story time was just amazing, and he has such a wonderful personality to match it.

I feel a bit shell-shocked – being with Henry in his son-rise room has been so lovely and i’ve got to know him so well and have so many lovely times with him, it feels a little scary to be going back in to the big wide world. That is not to say that it has always been easy, it hasn’t, but we’ve always been surrounded by such wonderful love and support by people who think like we do. It was just such a relief to find son-rise after the first 3 years of Henry’s life and how hard that had been. Now its all going to change again. Maybe i need to work on my flexibility!!

Thanks so much to everyone for caring so much and well done Henry – you are a TRUE star and mommy and daddy are so, so proud of you. xxxxx


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