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Henry’s achievements in the past 3 weeks have been countless and include; making lots of new friends – children and staff. They all think that he is wonderful, which we already know! for the majority of time he looks like he is enjoying himself he has started to work independently, without prompting, using cues form the other children if necessary. This tends to be during the phonics- read,write, inc session from 9-9.30am becoming more confident to take part in group discussions and Read More >

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Hi everyone, Penny has done an amazing report in preparation for our annual LEA meeting tomorrow and I thought it would be nice to share Henry’s astounding progress with you all… Nursery Henry started at Holland House Day Nursery at the end of March 2011 and attends on a Monday and Friday morning from 9-11.20am Henry has settled into nursery really well and does not have any additional support and treated the same as any of the other children   Henry has made a ‘best friend’ c Read More >

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Henry has been to nursery and was amazing beyond amazing! Thank you so much to everyone that has been there for us and Henry – he was a credit to all today and the hope and belief that everyone has always had in him. He was shy at first and told me on the way that he would be shy with new people and he asked to take his teddy with him. When we got there he hung his coat up and we went into the nursery. It was really busy with lots going on and at first i wasn’t sure he was going to b Read More >