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Hi Penny & Warwick,

Just had to send you a quick email to describe some of the special moments that l’ve had the pleasure of sharing with Henry this morning at school that show how brilliantly he is doing.

The first was during literacy where they had to put up their hand to describe different ways that we use our hands, illustrated in a book they had just read. Henry put his hand up straight away with his own idea but by the time the teacher chose him the child before had used his idea. He said ” l was going to say that “. He then paused for a few seconds and said ” to push” , a completely new answer that no one else had given. Amazing – to have one idea then be put on the spot to come up with a completely different one. Alot of children would struggle with this!

The second special moment was at the end of the Maths lesson where they had been using clocks to tell the time. He put his work in the pile and said ” l loved that” !!!!!!! and then said it again.

So lovely that aswell as coping brilliantly with all the demands of school that he is enjoying the work too. So nice to see him so happy all the time.

The last special moment of the morning was when he had finished reading his book, perfectly, and said ” l’m reading good now”, very chuffed with himself.

There seems to have been another step up where some work activities are now becoming a motivation too, aswell as stickers.

Well done Henry you little star!



Here’s a short video of Henry reading on his own!

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