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School Update


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Hi Penny & Warwick, Just had to send you a quick email to describe some of the special moments that l’ve had the pleasure of sharing with Henry this morning at school that show how brilliantly he is doing. The first was during literacy where they had to put up their hand to describe different ways that we use our hands, illustrated in a book they had just read. Henry put his hand up straight away with his own idea but by the time the teacher chose him the child before had used his idea Read More >

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Henry’s achievements in the past 3 weeks have been countless and include; making lots of new friends – children and staff. They all think that he is wonderful, which we already know! for the majority of time he looks like he is enjoying himself he has started to work independently, without prompting, using cues form the other children if necessary. This tends to be during the phonics- read,write, inc session from 9-9.30am becoming more confident to take part in group discussions and Read More >