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Henry’s achievements in the past 3 weeks have been countless and include;

  • making lots of new friends – children and staff. They all think that he is wonderful, which we already know!
  • for the majority of time he looks like he is enjoying himself
  • he has started to work independently, without prompting, using cues form the other children if necessary. This tends to be during the phonics- read,write, inc session from 9-9.30am
  • becoming more confident to take part in group discussions and frequently puts up his hand to answer questions
  • becoming more confident in his own abilities
  • becoming familiar with the morning routine and what lesson he has next
  • concentrates for long periods of time
  • wants to do what all the other children are doing
  • wants to attempt to be independent especially on the carpet
  • lovely conversations with his friends and has learnt some new playground games
  • likes Maths and works confidently with numbers. Sometimes he will answer a question out of the blue that no one else can answer and will make an observation that no one else has made!
  • phonic awareness is developing nicely and he is beginning to read, spell simple cvc words when part of a game


he has been amazing!!!!! 🙂

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